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Experts in automation

We are an automation contractor, providing control systems for a variety of industrial applications, predominantly for the commercial laundry sector but our expertise can be applied to a wide range of applications.

What we stand for

We like to put some real effort, energy and enthusiasm into our projects; we are proud of them and hope you will be too. Here are just some of the features fitted as standard to all of our work.


We engineer systems for accuracy, performance and reliability


Our systems are resilient and reliable, operating in demanding conditions


Our systems are safe and secure. Keep your data for yourself, not anyone else


We intelligently use industry standard hardware, software and components

Relevant reports.

Relevant and beautiful reports. Automatically or manually generated

Automatic backups.

Prevent valuable data loss. On site and encrypted cloud backup

Collaboration is the key to success:

We will work together with you to develop a system that works just the way you want. Our relationship won't just finish when your new system is commissioned; we will support you through-life: in-service maintenance, upgrade and disposal.

Don't worry about your kit:
automatic system monitoring

You have a business to run. Your head of production needs to focus. Your engineers have more important things to do. We'll keep an eye on things.
Get system alerts by email or text.








Which manufacturers do you support?

We have experience of all main automation equipment manufacturers. But as long as you have an idea of how you want your system to work, we can adapt to your needs and requirements.

What about project management, training and maintenance?

All of our systems include a project management strategy, a comprehensive training package and a system maintenance schedule.

Is there a guarantee?

All systems are supplied with a comprehensive warranty for a minimum of 12-months. That said, we have very few service calls and some of our systems are still working well after 20+ years!

Where do you work?

We have installations all over the world. Our systems can be multi-lingual from the outset.

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